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Blueberry Delights

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Blueberry Delights Workshop
Continuing with our workshop for kids to keep them occupied during the long school holidays. Why not let them learn to make something useful in the kitchen? It's guaranteed to be fun and exciting. What's more, they get to bring back their creations and enjoy them with the family as well. This hands-on workshop is suitable for kids aged 6 and above. All participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

Blueberries, especially wild species, contain antioxidants which have been found to reduce the risks of some cancers. Blueberries are used in jellies, jams, and pies, baked into muffins, and are an ingredient of many other snacks and delicacies. A group of researchers released details of a study that suggests certain compounds found in blueberries have a significant impact in reducing the degradation of brain function and may also help prevent urinary tract infections.

What kids will learn in this workshop:-
Blueberry D'Lite - a chocolate sponge cake with blueberry cream filling that is popular with many.
Blueberry Mousse - delighful & smooth. Best when eaten chilled.
Blueberry Muffins - small cupcakes that can be eaten during breakfast or for any occassion. Simple and quick to make.

Date of Workshop – Sunday 26th Nov 2006
Time – 2.00pm – 5pm
Cost - $35 per child / $45 per child with 1 adult
Register by Friday, 24th Nov - $30 per child / $40 per child with 1 adult
Register with 2 other friends by Friday, 24th Nov & pay $28 each per child / $38 per child with 1 adult

TO REGISTER, please email us indicating name of participants, age, accompanying adult’s name, if any, and contact number

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