Sunday, July 31, 2011

Japanese Cotton Cheesecake Recipe

Japanese Cotton Cheesecake Recipe

Always love cakes that are light and fluffy.  Have been making cheesecakes recently and thought of trying out this Japanese Cheesecake Recipe.  The Japanese are well known for their cottony soft Cotton Cheesecake Recipe and fortunately for me, I found this recipe in one of my recipe books and modified it a little.

Baby Cotton Cheesecake Recipe

Japanese Cotton Cheesecake Recipe


200 g Cream cheese
30 g Butter
150 g Milk

50 g Flour
38 g Cornflour

5 Egg yolks

5 Egg whites
1/4 tsp Cream of tartar
100 g Sugar


1  Place A in a mixing bowl.  Stir over double boiler until thicken.  Remove from heat.
2  Add in B and beat well.
3  Add in C one at a time and mix till well combined.
4  In a separate mixing bowl, whip D till soft peaks form.
5  Add D into cream cheese mixture and mix well.
6  Pour into 8 inches prepared baking tin.
7  Bake in steam bath 170 degrees C for approximately 45 minutes till a pick inserted into the centre comes out clean.
8  Remove cake from oven and unmould to cool.