Friday, January 14, 2011

CNY Cookies 2011

Chinese New Year is here once again...

Personally though I love the traditional CNY cookies, I do yearn for something different as well. This year, I have come up with a few new varieties including some for the chocolate and coffee lovers as well as some traditional cookies.

Here are the CNY cookies available for 2011:-

Hot Favourite  
Mocha Squares  (mocha flavoured cookies with chocolate drizzle)

Almond Rocher (for the almond lovers - almond strips in chocolate)

Chocolate Rocher (mixture of nuts, raisins & cornflakes in choc)

    Chocolate Cornflakes (a hit with the kids)

Snow Coffee (coffee cookies sprinkled with a dash of 'snow')

All time favourite:-  Pineapple Tarts

Love Letters

Kuih Bangkit

Kuih Lapis - Prune
Also available in Original, Coffee, Pandan and Chocolate

Oh!  And not forgetting prawn rolls.

Do check with us for the latest prices...

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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Christmas Chocolate Cupcakes

Was away in the weeks before Christmas and touched down on home soil only on Christmas Day. Since we were having a family Christmas lunch on Boxing Day, decided to make some Christmas chocolate cupcakes at the very last minute.

Christmas season

Used my basic chocolate cupcake recipe, topped it with chocolate butter cream and added some Christmas decorations and voila! here comes the very easy-to-make Christmas chocolate cupcakes.

Christmas chocolate cupcakes - one of my friends said that they looked very 'pro' :)

Another set of Christmas chocolate cupcakes but with vanilla icing.

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