Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Chocolate Ganache Cake Topping

Elife Inspire Club Official Opening
Here are some pictures of the marble coffee cake which I call Coffee Harmony Cake, covered with chocolate ganache cake topping.

My Happy Birthday Cake full of hearts,even the side too...yummy!  ~ Yomiko Yeo

Internet Biz Coaching Office 1st Anniversary Celebration

A birthday cake ordered by a neighbour

Coffee harmony (marble coffee cake) for a 9 year old
Playing with icing figurines for the coffee harmony cake
Chocolate Bliss

Very simple birthday cake with chocolate ganache cake topping

Something fun

A ballerina
Above are just some of the pictures of either Chocolate Bliss cake or Coffee Harmony (marble coffee cake) with Chocolate Ganache Cake Topping.  A good combination!

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