Monday, October 11, 2010

Tiffany Blue Cupcakes With Fondant Butterfly

A special request for tiffany blue cupcakes with lavender butterfly.

Chocolate cupcakes with tiffany blue icing and lavender fondant butterflies

These chocolate cupcakes are packed in boxes of 6

Top view of the tiffany blue cupcakes with fondant butterflies

As per Cherilyn:- My friends love the cupcakes. They found it very pretty and too delicate to eat. As for me, I found the flower and leaf very crunchy, butterfly marzipan a bit too sweet and cos the butterfly was too big for the cupcake and 1/2 of the butterfly broke. The colours are very sweet and the mint green did have a tinge of mint in it, right? The mint flavour went very well with the chocolate cupcakes... :)

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Tiffany Blue Cupcakes

And since I had some extra chocolate cupcakes as well as tiffany blue icing and fondant butterflies, I decorated the balance with whatever I had.

Little garden

Colourful stars

Jelly tots and chocolates for the flowers

Colourful chocolate flowers

Chocolate balls

A mixture of decorations

Another box for a good friend

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Sunday, October 03, 2010

1st Birthday Cupcakes

Here's the actual image for the 1st birthday cupcakes for the vanilla cupcakes as it was served to guests.

And here's the message from Siew Chen who came up with the idea of the yellow ducks and green frogs for the cupcake birthday cake.

Hi Veronica

No worries. Thank you for doing such a good work for my cupcakes. My guests love them and said that they are not just pretty but yummy too. My baby also likes the ducks and frogs a lot, she keeps pointing to the cupcakes wanting us to let her have the cupcakes. J

Here are the pictures of the cupcakes. Hope they are helpful.

Will order from you again.

Thanks & Regards

Siew Chen

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