Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Mini Snow Skin Mooncakes

The order of Snowskin Mini Moocakes have begin!

As this is my first year making mooncakes for sale, I will only be doing certain quantities. So please make your reservations in advance so you will not be disappointed.

In order to keep the mooncakes fresh, they will only be made 1 day before collection.

Please note that snow skin mooncakes must be kept chilled and last between 4 - 5 days.

For best results, leave snow skin mooncakes out at room temperature before consuming.

Flavours to choose from
1) Banana Snowskin with Low Sugar White Lotus Lotus Paste @ S$16
2) Pandan Snowskin with White Lotus Lotus Paste @ S$16
3) Mango Snowskin with Mango Lotus Paste @ S$16
4) Durian Snowskin with Durian Lotus Paste @ S$18
5) Pandan Snowskin with Pandan Lotus Paste @ S$16
6) Green Tea Snowskin with Green Tea Lotus Paste @ S$16
7) Yam Snowskin with Yam Paste @ S$16

Mini Snow Skin Mooncake Flavours to choose from :

1) White Lotus Paste with Champagne Truffles

2) White Lotus Paste with Macadamia

3) White Lotus Paste

4) Pandan Lotus Paste

5) Green Tea Lotus Paste

6) Coffee

7) Red Bean

8) Green Bean

All mooncakes come in a box of 8 pieces in 1 flavour.

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