Monday, October 11, 2010

Tiffany Blue Cupcakes With Fondant Butterfly

A special request for tiffany blue cupcakes with lavender butterfly.

Chocolate cupcakes with tiffany blue icing and lavender fondant butterflies

These chocolate cupcakes are packed in boxes of 6

Top view of the tiffany blue cupcakes with fondant butterflies

As per Cherilyn:- My friends love the cupcakes. They found it very pretty and too delicate to eat. As for me, I found the flower and leaf very crunchy, butterfly marzipan a bit too sweet and cos the butterfly was too big for the cupcake and 1/2 of the butterfly broke. The colours are very sweet and the mint green did have a tinge of mint in it, right? The mint flavour went very well with the chocolate cupcakes... :)

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