Friday, June 16, 2006

Durian D'Lite

Durian D'Lite - sponge cake with durian cream. Both cake & cream made use of actual durian flesh that was pureed.

Tried doing this first time last weekend & made 2 small heart-shaped cakes. Since mum needed a cake urgently for a friend whose daughter's birthday was just around the corner, one of the cakes became the birthday gift.

Not too sure how to decorate the cake & tried 2 ways as can be seen from the pictures - small little colourful hearts which made a beautiful gift & the other was decorated with chocolate decor.

Definitely the cake was a pleasant change from those that you see in the cake shops.

1 comment:

  1. Hi, I am Alice. When I saw yr lovely 'sweet'durian cake design I made an order but to my delight its taste is even better! The aroma is really fragrant and I kept going for more after the first piece.
    It is a pity we can't get such quality nowadays in the cake shops.
    I am looking forward to find a 'birthday excuse' to order for more.
    Wait and see!