Thursday, November 13, 2008

Learning To Bake Home-Made Bread

Yesterday was the first time I was in touch with breadmaking. Have never baked breads at all even though cookies & cakes & even jellies have been done with so much frequency.

How did I end up at a breadmaking course?

Well, I was tempted to attend the course as the amount that I paid for the course went to pay for nourishing the under-nourished children in poor countries. Since this was a small way where I could help in doing my bit for charity, and still be able to learn a new skill, I thought it very apt for me to go for it!

Hesitantly, I made my way to the condo where the class was held. As it was at the other end of the island, I gave myself ample time so as not to be late. In fact, I was the first person to reach the place.

There were altogether approximately 12 of us. We were shown what our course fee bought for the under-nourished children and were told that each of us had helped to feed an under-nourished child for two months. That felt good although we knew that just feeding a child for two months would not go far in eliminating the poverty cycle. There was still much that could be done.

We learnt how to bake two types of bread:- Italian Dough and English Dough. With the Italian Dough, we were taught how to make Rosemary Focaccia as well as Pizza. Plus the variations that we could do as in sundried tomato or garlic herb option. At least now I know what is the name of the finger stick that I used to love so much at Pizza Hut called. ; )

For the English Dough, we were shown how to make Cranberry Teff. Of course, we could also use chocolate or pecan nuts or whatever we fancy since bread making is all about our own creativity as well.

I never expected breadmaking to be so simple. Of course, it takes time to let the dough rise but you can always do something else whilst waiting for the time taken to allow the dough to go throught its first rising and final rising before the actual baking.

Have always loved eating bread since I was young and I have finally found out how to make my very own bread! Should be able to try baking my own bread soon...

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