Friday, March 20, 2009

How To Make Chocolate Covered Strawberry

How To Make Chocolate Covered Strawberry

Let’s take a look on how to make chocolate covered strawberry here. Or just about chocolate covered everything… It is simple to do, yet makes for a perfect after dinner dessert. Something that you can wow your guests with.

Tips on how to make chocolate covered strawberry:-

(1) Whilst shopping for strawberries, choose the freshest large strawberries you can find. Check to ensure they are ripe and not mouldy.
(2) For the chocolate, you can choose between milk chocolate, semi-sweet or dark chocolate chips depending on how sweet or bitter you prefer your chocolate to be. The darker the chocolate, the more bitter it will be. Some premium chocolates you can choose from are ghirardelli chocolate chips or valrhona chocolate.
(3) If your chocolate comes in a block, chop them to smaller pieces so they melt easier.


· 600g Fresh & ripe strawberries (1)
· 250g Chocolate (2)
· 1 tbsp milk or brandy
· Wax paper


· Melt chocolate 3 either in the microwave or over a double boiler
o Microwaving is the easiest. However, you will need to experiment with your microwave and some chocolate in order to find the right time required to melt the chocolate so that you get a smooth consistency.
o If you are using the double boiler, you will need a large pan to simmer water over medium heat. Put the chocolate into a smaller pan and place inside the large pan of water. The water should not touch the smaller pan. Stir the chocolate till it melts.

· Add milk or brandy

· Wash strawberries and pat them dry, taking care not to squish them

· Hold each strawberry by its stem and dip into the melted chocolate. Twirl the strawberry so that the entire strawberry is coated in chocolate or just half from the bottom

· Place chocolate coated strawberries on a plate lined with wax paper

· Continue until all the strawberries and chocolate are used up

· Refrigerate overnight preferably

Chocolate covered strawberries

Look out for more variations of how to make chocolate covered strawberry in the next post.

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