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Pineapple Tarts Recipe

Delicious Homemade Pineapple Tarts Singapore Recipe

It has been a very busy 2010! With the Spring Festival or Lunar New Year of the Tiger falling on February 14th this year, same as Valentine's Day, somehow orders for Chinese New Year food such as cakes and cookies came in late.

In the run-up to the Spring Festival, it was non-stop baking all the way. Had lots of fun along the way as well.

Here's a Pineapple Tarts Recipe which I use and a step by step pictorial guide on how to make pineapple tarts:-

Pineapple Tarts Recipe


114 g plain flour
114 g self raising flour

142g butter

1 egg
1 tsp cold water

egg wash (1 beaten yolk with 2 tsp milk)

500g - 750g pineapple jam (can be bought from baking speciality shops such as Phoon Huat and Gim Him Lee which would be slightly cheaper than from supermarkets)


Sieve A.
Mix A and B till crumbly.
Tip:- Especially when making large quantities, I use the universal blade of the Braun machine to knead A & B and mix with the egg and water mixture. This is a huge time saver!

A & B placed in the food processor with the universal blade

After a few minutes, mixture is crumbly

You see 2 eggs here as I was doing 2 recipes at one go

Beat the eggs and water

Add in C into A & B crumbly mixture and knead into a dough.

Dough is now ready

Wrap in plastic foil and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Get ready some flour, cookie cutter and rolling pin

Tip: You can roll the dough in between 2 plastic sheets. I use baking paper at the bottom and plastic wrap on top.

Roll dough till approximately 3 - 4 mm thick.

Use cookie cutter to cut into shapes.

Place on greased baking tray (or baking tray lined with baking sheet).

Bake blind in preheated 180 - 190 degrees C oven for 15 minutes.

Egg wash

Remove tray from oven & brush with egg wash.

Roll the pineapple jam into balls and place in the centre on baked dough.

Pineapple jam

Rolled into balls

*Optional:- place design on top of jam

Bake in 180 - 190 degrees C oven again for another 5 minutes.

Remove from oven, place on racks and leave to cool before storing in air-tight container.

Makes approximately 50 little pineapple tarts.

The amount of pineapple jam is up to you. I prefer using more jam so much so that one of my friends calls them "jam-on-tarts". My brother refers to them as "Dolly's Glory".

Happy Baking!

Pineapple Tarts

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