Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Moon Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese calender. It is popularly known as the Moon Festival, Zhongquijie in chinese (中秋節), Lantern Festival or Mooncake festival. Chinese the world over celebrate this important festival. Some enjoy the bright silver moon, others drink wine to celebrate their happy life and children enjoy the festival by carrying lanterns.

Having never made mooncakes before, I read a book on mooncake recipes and duly went ahead to buy the ingredients. However the first time I did the snowskin mooncake, I felt that it was too 'flourey' and not smooth at all as a snowskin mooncake should be. I then realised that the fried glutinous rice flour should be just that. What I had done was buy some glutinous rice flour and fried it myself. So if you are a first-timer making such snowskin moon cakes, make sure you buy the fried glutinous rice flour also known as 'kou fen'. You can get them from bakery shops such as Phoon Huat.

Here's a picture of my first attempt at snowskin mooncakes using the correct flour, i.e. fried glutinous rice flour. Love making them as it is not only easy to make, but my whole family loves them! :)

Pandan Snowskin Mooncake

Look out for the snowskin moon cake recipe that I shall be updating this blog with.

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