Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Coolest Birthday Cakes - Casino Birthday Cake Designs

Had a tough time thinking of some of the coolest birthday cakes to make for mum-in-law's 84th birthday in August, which happens to fall on National Day of Singapore as well. Looked through various birthday cake designs and theme cakes and finally came up with a casino themed cake for her as she loves to go to the casino.

Instead of a poker cake, visualized a baccarat game where there was a tie as well as a pair and of course a winning hand!

Here is the preparation for the fondant birthday cake...

Started off with the playing cards.  Decided to do with the biggest cards in the pack which is the four aces...  This was quite a challenge as all the pieces had to be hand cut as I do not have any cutters for this.
Ace of Clubs and Hearts
Ace of Diamonds and Spades
Next was the preparation of the casino chips.  Tried to get as close to the actual colours as I could.  As I did not have the correct mould cutters for this, had to make do with bottle covers, etc...
Casino Chips
Thought it came out pretty well, except that it was very time consuming, especially for the white edges.

Next was preparing the alphabets for the words, "PAIR" and "TIE".  This was to make it look just like the baccarat gaming table.

Now came time to bake the cake.  After baking the cake, covered it with a light green fondant base, followed by placing the designs that had been prepared.

Inserting the custom made casino fondant pieces
Stacking up the casino chips
More chips = more money
Design at side of cake

Some purple flowers to decorate the base

Some red roses as well
Finally, after a few hours, the cake was ready.  Here is a picture of the cake which I am proud of and I feel that this is one of the coolest birthday cakes that I have come up with on a full fondant birthday cake ...

The cake also has a winning hand!  Whoever bet on pairs and ties would have won!  At the same time, these wins are normally paid out 8:1 or greater...  :)  Which means even more money coming in at the casino.

Final picture of the full fondant birthday cake - casino birthday cake designs
And time to sing Happy Birthday to the grand old dame...
Including the candles

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