Thursday, June 16, 2011

How To Fondant Bride and Groom

During our PME Professional Diploma Course, we learned the principles of how to fondant cakes and figures.  On the last day of our 5-day course, we were taught the modeling techniques of a fondant bride and groom.

Although it took us beginners several hours to complete the modeling of the fondant bride and groom cake toppers, our instructor could do it in less than an hour.  WOW!  That goes to show how practice plays an important part in fondant modeling.

Here are some pictures taken as we were walked through the steps on modeling our fondant bride and groom cake toppers.

How to fondant bridegroom
Make 2 of these for the shoes

Roll black fondant to about 9 inches in length

Fold black fondant for the body and the legs, gluing in the centre

Cut a piece of white rectangle for the shirt

Putting the shirt on measuring the length of the shirt

 Trim the top of the shirt

 Neaten it

 Glue the shoes on and insert a skewer in through one leg all the way up

 Add some flesh coloured fondant around the top for the neck

 Cut a piece of black rectangle for the jacket

 Jacket fitting

 Trim to the correct size and round the corners

 Fitting the jacket

 Make a slit at the back

 Glue the jacket on

 Slit the top of the jacket for the collar and lapel

 Slit the other side as well

 Fold the jacket lapel and collar down

 To look like this

 Modeling the fingers

 Looks pretty real  :)

 Roll out black fondant for the jacket sleeves

 Add a white cuff on the wrist and slit as in picture above to slot the fingers into the black sleeve

 This is what it will look like

 Add in the head, eyes, nose, ears and make an indent for the mouth
How to fondant bride

1 Make the base of the bride as above... one is enough

2 Shape the upper body as in the picture

3 Pinch the top to form the neck

4 Trim the neck a little

5 Fit the upper body to the base and push a skewer through

6 Add the boobs
 7 Cut a white rectangle for the dress top

8 Trim for a low back dress

9 Design the front of the wedding dress

10 For a pleated skirt

11 One design of a wedding dress

12 For a short train

12 Fitting of the short train

14 Fitting of the head, arms and vase

15 For a long wedding train

16 Pleating the wedding train

17 Fitting the long wedding train to the bride

18 With the train flowing down the two tier wedding cake

19 Piping royal icing for the hair
Bride and groom cake toppers

More pictures of wedding cake toppers done by our group, though some are not fully completed.

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