Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Make Fondant Animals and Fondant Creations

Though I took up the PME Diploma in Sugar Flowers, I have not had any formal training on how to make figures with fondant.  Suddenly had a craze last week to start using fondant and churning out some fondant creations.  Here are some of the fondant figures that I came up with...

Was fortunate to be able to make some fondant animals as well such as the fondant bear, monkey and giraffe.  The ducks and frogs were done last year when I had an order for a 1st Birthday cupcakes.

Fondant bear

Friends forever... 

Baby & bears

haha.. supposed to be a baby but guess the fondant figure does not look like one...

Fondant baby before the stars

Fondant ducks

Fondant frogs

Little fondant giraffes

One of the fondant giraffes

Fondant figure of a monkey... not very well done and still lots to improve
It was a very fun and exciting week for me as I played about making some of the fondant creations.  If you have the patience and the passion, there is  nothing that you cannot do...  :)

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