Sunday, April 24, 2011

Birthday Party Ideas For 9 Yr Old Girls

Simple birthday decoration
Had a friend who was looking for kids birthday party ideas and especially birthday party ideas for 9 yr old girls. As she knew that Home Kitchen Creations conducts baking classes for kids, she decided to look into baking birthday parties for kids.

Alternating between cupcake birthday parties and cheesecakes, she opted for a cheesecake baking birthday party for her 9 yr old girl. That decided, she was discharged from her duty as the birthday party planner.

Here are some pictures taken during the baking birthday party recently.

Baked mango cheeesecakes
Beaming with pride at their cheesecake creation

Specially created chocolate cornflakes 
Search for birthday party ideas for kids

A beautiful chocolate cake for the 9 yr old birthday girl

According to my friend, "the kids liked the recipes and really enjoyed themselves.  Really talking non stop about the party."

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