Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sugarcraft Cake Decorating - PME Professional Diploma Course (4)

The last day of our PME Professional Diploma Course in Sugarcraft Cake Decorating, we had more hands on practice decorating cakes with fondant.  The fifth day of our course, we again covered two tier cakes but this time we were able to do it fairly quickly.

Our sugarcraft cake decorating highlight of the day was modeling the bride and groom cake toppers and placing them on the tiered wedding cakes.  As we were involved in modeling the fondant bride and groom which took us several hours, the two tier cake was left plain and simple, without any further sugarcraft decorations which would have made them even more elegant.

Decorating two tier cakes

Adding the details to the fondant decorations

Bride and groom cake toppers

Tiered wedding cakes

More tiered wedding cakes
We were given a free hand to choose the colours of our tiered wedding cakes.  Thus you can see various colours so that we had a feel of the different shades the colours could give.

Some variations of the fondant bride and groom
Some of us were brand new to fondant modeling.  Plus the fact that to make the bride and groom look real, there were many other small details to take note of.  It took us the whole afternoon just to finish off the bride and groom cake toppers and place them on our tiered wedding cakes.

Tiered wedding cakes

Final product of the fondant bride and groom

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