Friday, June 17, 2011

Mini Fruit Tartlets Recipe

Love making these tiny fruit tartlets as they are easy to make and can just be popped into the mouth (though a little big still...  :}   ).  They are a big hit with adults and kids alike at parties!

I even have kids following this fruit tartlets recipe.

Personally, for the tart pastry,  I prefer to just buy these off the shelf as it does away with the hassle of doing up the shortcrust pastry.

In fact, the recipe for these mini fruit tartlets can be used for the normal fruit tart recipe with a little modification.  Just a matter of different size for the tart base, adding a little more custard and maybe cooking the filling till it thickens more so that it can be cut.

Mini Fruit Tartlets Recipe
(Makes 70)

500 g water
150 g sugar
50 g butter

50 g fresh milk
100 g custard powder
1 egg

Tartlet pastry shells

Fresh fruits, cut into bite-sized pieces

E (optional)
80 g water
1.5 tsp instant jelly

1. Boil A
2. Mix B in a bowl and pour into A (away from fire). Cook over gentle fire until mixture thickens, whisking to prevent lumps.
3. Spoon into tartlet pastry shells.  If you are doing in bulk, it would be faster to  pipe the custard mixture into the pastry shells.

Custard mixture piped into the mini tartlet pastry
 4.  Decorate the tartlets with fruits as desired.

Adding the fruits

More colourful fruit tartlets

 5.  Dissolve instant jelly in water and bring to a boil.  Allow it to cool a little before glazing the fruits.

Glazed mini fruit tartlets

Glazing is optional and done only if you wish to have a glazed shiny look so that the fruits look nice and attractive.

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