Monday, June 13, 2011

Sugarcraft Cake Decorating - PME Professional Diploma Course (3)

Preparing the rocking horse
Cut the rocking horse according to the picture above.  Glue the two headless base to either side of the head as in the picture below and place on a cardboard to harden.  This needs to be made with either gumpaste or if using sugarpaste, do mix it with gum powder so that it can harden and stand well.

Leave the rocking horse to dry
Learning the art of marbling fondant.  Start by adding a few colours to the sugarpaste.

Adding colours to the sugarpaste

Knead the sugarpaste

Check out the various colours

Roll out the sugarpaste
Should you happen to put too much colours that they start to run and smudge, place some icing sugar on the affected area before rolling.

If you are going to cover the cake board as well, roll out the sugarpaste till it is big enough to cover the cake board, then gently bring over the cake and smoothen accordingly with the fondant smoother.

Cover the cake and smoothen accordingly

Pinch the sides to make some designs.

As for the lacy designs for the sides of the cake, follow the pictures below:-
Cutting out design for the 'lace'

Use eyelet cutter for the design
You can frill the edges a little if desired.

Use water to attach on the cake sides
For the top layer of the lace:-

Using a contrasting colour for the top

A design for the four corners to look like a handkerchief

After attaching the sides and corners

Close up look at the sugarpaste decoration

Using royal icing to add the details

Finished product

After piping of the royal icing and adding the basic sugarpaste flowers

End result
Having mastered the art of fondant cake decoration, it is simple to come up with a design as in the above.  And it is great fun putting in your creativity to work as well...  and listen to the oooohs & aaaaahs of your friends when they see your work of art!

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