Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Difference Between Fondant and Gumpaste

During my recent PME Professional Diploma Course in Sugarpaste, we worked with sugarpaste, also commonly known as fondant or ready to roll fondant or rolled fondant.  They all mean one and the same, just different terms used in different countries.

We also learned the difference between fondant and gumpaste.  Basically, gumpaste is fondant with gum powder added to it for your modeling needs so that your figures will be able to dry harder and stand easier.  However, gumpaste does not taste as good as fondant.

Fondant and gumpaste can be used interchangeably.  Although you can use fondant to make flowers and other decorations, the finished product may tend to droop and become limp after a while.  However if you were to do them in gumpaste, they will be able to keep their shape and dry better.

Using gumpaste for your modeling of flowers allows you to roll the paste thinner which gives your flowers a more realistic feel.

Sugar flower made with gumpaste

I must add that the more humid your area, the more your flowers will go limp and wet even using gumpaste.  That was what happened to my sugar flowers.  To remedy that, you need to work in an air-conditioned environment especially if you are in a humid country like myself.   If you live near a water catchment area or on a high floor, this situation can get even worse!

And if you intend to make those beautiful sugar flowers ahead of time, be sure to store them in a cool  and dry place.

Never store fondant figures or fondant cakes in the refrigerator as they will turn wet upon room temperature.

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