Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Day 2 Post Cleanse

Recommended to continue with the orange juice and water for today. Some reports allow the intake of light vegetable soup as this is healthy and very light, as well as Rye wafers.

What I did was made some vegetable soup. As I had gone without solids for so many days, and since vegetables are healthy, I not only had the soup but the vegetables as well. Plus a glass of orange juice. Hmmm.... Not sure if that was the right choice as I felt bloated and full throughout the day. Till now, the stomach still feels uncomfortable.

As usual, ended the day off with the Tunguska Blast as well as the Vital PSP+. These are two natural supplements that I would not go without.

Distributed by Cyberwize, the Tunguska Blast has well-documented health benefits. Scientific studies continue in Siberia decades after the Tunguska Event. The Blast is all natural and meant for daily use.

Singapore – 16 February 2008—Alternative health products are rapidly emerging as cost effective and viable methods to avoid expensive prescription medications. While many have been dismissed as “snake oil,” The Tunguska Blast, distributed by Cyberwize in Singapore, has not only developed a large following but is based upon sound, well-documented research and scientific principles. Veronica Tan, Cyberwize distributor, says, “I joined Cyberwize because I was inspired by the Tunguska Event and the 3,000 case studies in Russia that verify its benefits upon botanicals in the Tunguska area. People, too, are experiencing amazing health benefits from results of the blast event.”

According to historical accounts, a cataclysmic event occurred in 1908 in Russia’s Tunguska River Valley that felled more than 200 million trees over 850 square miles. The blast registered as far away as London. Whether the event was caused by a meteor, asteroid or a comet is unknown, but seismology stations in Europe estimated that the blast had a force of 10-15 megatons at its epicenter. The result, Veronica explains, is that “herbs and other plants in the area grew back at four times the normal growth rate. Instead of creating a barren desert of destruction, the blast somehow created just the opposite: an incredibly fertile botanical garden. The effects of the blast event upon the ecosphere are still being studied by scientists.”

Cyberwize’s Tunguska Blast is a juice-like product made from the essential oils of ten botanicals in the original blast area. Users cite relief from chronic pain, insomnia, a stronger immune system, improved muscle and joint health, increased core nutrition, better energy and stamina, greater mental clarity and stress relief. Taken daily in a one-ounce dose, the Tunguska Blast is safe, all-natural, and, according to Veronica, provides health benefits that go beyond other natural or prescription preparations.

Veronica invites visitors to the Cyberwize site to examine the many Tunguska Blast products, study the precise history of the original blast and the science that supports its health values. “Our nutritionist,” says Veronica, “believes that the ingredients in the Tunguska Blast have benefits greater than any other nutritional system. We get these benefits only from Tunguska Blast because there is no one food we can eat that gives us these benefits.”

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