Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Day 3 Post Cleanse

Feeling much better today although still quite a bit of belching. Still having the stiffness in my neck. Not sure what it is. Took my Vital PSP+ in the morning before leaving.

Although it is recommended to still continue on the vegetable soup as well as fruits, vegetables and salads at this stage, as I had to attend my weekly breakfast meeting, I went ahead with the American breakfast consisting of 2 slices of toasted bread, 2 eggs cooked sunny side up and 3 slices of ham. I had the bread and the eggs but left out the ham. All the time, at the back of my mind, kept thinking of the fact that we should still be avoiding bread, eggs, meat, milk, etc at this stage. Had an orange juice for lunch.

Dinner saw me having 'yong tau foo', an assortment of fishballs, tofu, corn, button mushroom, seaweed, water convulvulus better known as 'kang kong' and fine 'bee hoon' noodles in soup.
Finished off the evening with a glass of orange juice and the usual Tunguska Blast before bed.



What are PolySaccharidePeptides?
Functional nutrients that help to improve the brain's carbohydrate metabolism (starch into glucose) and cellular level energy metabolism.

PolySaccharidePeptides have been known to improve digestion, absorption and metabolism of nutrients for better overall health. This increased metabolic effiency seems to enhance the body's naturally detoxification process and to significantly boost the immune system.


Vital PSP+ begins deep within the valley of Siam Valley of Thailand, where our growers have cultivated some of the richest, most nutrient dense soil in the world. The land on our organic plantation has been accumulating essential minerals and macronutrients for over 100,000 years, making our grains the most complete, naturally organic enriched whole food available.


100,000 years of Natural Organic Mineral Accumulation
10,000 years of Natural Spirulina Accumulation and Production
1,000 years of Natural Ayurvedic Folk Medicine Knowledge
100 years of Thai Folk Medicine Practices
10 years of Bio-Food Engineering Technology

Our organic crops absorb the abundant micronutrients from this special soil and equator sunlight to create the rare complex grains that form the base for the most potent PolySacchridePeptides known.


Vital PSP+ is formulated from a rare strain of ancient gmo-free rice grains, which contain top quality functional and essential nutrients, including: PolySaccharidePeptides that provide pure fuel for the brain; amino acids that contain carbon chains which can be converted into glucose and unite brain cells; and vitamins, essential minerals and antioxidants that protect cells from damage and dysfunction.

Healthywize only uses modern state-of-the-art stainless steel processing equipment to ensure that our product is free from carbon contamination and toxins.

As a result of our advanced equipment, combined with our exclusive formulation technique, our product is free from all processing agents, chemicals and additives.

Our pure organic formula ensures that the powerful biotherapeutic properties of our whole food crops are retained with their complete vitality in the finished Vital PSP+ formula.

Vital PSP+ is considered a hypo-allergenic whole food and when combined with a healthy diet and exercise, appears to increase the efficiency of the body's natural healing powers. With regular use of Vital PSP+, the body may absorb more nutrients from the intestines and maintain a stable, steady and consistent level of glucose.

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