Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Day 6 Master Cleanse

I can't imagine this is already Day 6 of the cleansing program and I have already hit the half-way mark. Just another 4 more days to go..... Hip hip hooray!

No trips to the porcelain throne last night. Or was it because I woke up early this morning? Had to attend a Business Networking International breakfast meeting in the morning. Thus, did not have the salt water wash. Instead just took a cup of laxative tea in the morning. That took me to the throne twice before leaving the house.

It was so fortunate that it was an uneventful journey to the meeting place. And even more fortunate that the meeting ended slightly early as I had to rush to 'you -know-where' at least three times in the next twenty minutes or so. Instead of having the normal breakfast, made do with my caffeine-free peppermint tea. Again, did not feel hungry looking at other people eating. That was good as I was afraid that it would be too easy to give up.

In total, made another 3 trips to the porcelain throne. In fact, did not expect to visit the throne so many times after taking the laxative tea. Thought that the salt water wash was more powerful for this kind of effect. Guess I was wrong.

Had an appointment at Starbucks in the evening. Spent a few hours there but did not purchase anything. Just had our own lemonade drink. Came home & had the laxative tea as well as the usual dose of Tunguska Blast.

I've mentioned about consuming Tunguska Blast in the past few days. Let me give an brief overview of what Tunguska means and what's so special about Tunguska.


1. a valley bordered by three tributaries of the Yenisei River in Siberia;

2. identified by scientists as the location of a mysterious event in 1908;

3. subject of a prominent theory that a near impact of an asteroid caused a concussion blast in the atmosphere;

4. site of an event of such force that the landscape of the region was permanently and remarkably changed.

What's so special about Tunguska? There was a mysterious event that happened almost 100 years ago in 1908.

And what exactly happened there?

The Miracle of Tunguska

After nearly a century of study and research, scientists still can’t explain precisely what occurred deep in the Siberian wilderness of Tunguska, Russia. Some scientists have suggested a meteor strike, but if so, it was the largest since the pre-history of the earth, and it left no crater. Some have theorized a comet or the airburst of a meteor 5 or 6 miles above the earth, which still does not account for the unexpected and unexplainable botanical benefits to the area.

This much has been proven: A cataclysmic event more dramatic than any since the biblical Flood felled more than 200 million trees over 850 square miles. And something about the event had the effect of impregnating the soil with a dense organic infusion resulting in “miracle harvests” of the herbs, roots, and other plants grown in that region.

The first anyone outside Russia knew about Tunguska was on the morning of June 30, 1908, when seismic instruments in London registered huge earth tremors originating in the Tunguska region.

As reports slowly began to arrive in Europe, scientists heard that a burst of light was witnessed more than 100 miles from the epicenter. The blast was calculated to have the power of 10 to 15 megatons…but without the contamination or crater an explosion would create. Quite the opposite was true: Rather than making a desert of Tunguska, the burst of light made a kind of Garden of Eden, an oasis of fertility only partly explained by the nourishing influence of the felled forests.

The Result

Herbs and other plants cultivated in the subarctic conditions of Tunguska grow at four times the rate of similar species harvested in more temperate climes. And that’s not the only difference: Science is still unraveling the full nutritional significance of the Tunguska Effect.

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