Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Day 1 Post Cleanse

Today is first day after the 10 day Master Cleanse program. It feels so wonderful not to have to take the salt water wash. That was the part that I had problems with.

Alternated between the lemonade drink and orange juice. Still not able to consume any solid foods yet as the body has gone 10 days without solid food, thus we have to get our body ready to accept solid food. The orange juice will do just that as in preparing the digestive system to digest and properly assimilate regular food.

Felt good to be able to have the orange juice. It felt so refreshing especially the naval oranges being sweet. Yummy, yummy, lip smacking good!

I developed a pain in my neck today which got worse as the day progressed. Felt like when you wake up with a stiff neck. Only this was on both sides of the neck. It was really bad. Had problems turning my head by the time it was night. Hoping it's just a cleanse symptom,
although it really hurts.

As usual, had my Tunguska Blast as well as Vital PSP+ before bed.


A powerful event creates a powerful product
On the morning of June 30, 1908, seismic instruments in London registered huge earth tremors originating in the Tunguska region of Russia. As reports slowly began to arrive in Europe, scientists heard that a burst of light was witnessed more than 100 miles from the epicenter. The blast was calculated to have the power of 10 to 15 megatons…but without the contamination or crater an explosion would create.

From the ashes
Rather than making a desert of Tunguska, the burst of light made a kind of Garden of Eden, an oasis of fertility only partly explained by the nourishing influence of the felled forests.

Tunguska Blast is born
From among thousands of herbs, roots, and fruits reborn from the ashes of the mysterious Tunguska Event, scientists identified the ten most concentrated with therapeutic properties and natural nutritional benefits. CyberWize formulated these rich botanicals unique to Tunguska as a core nutritional technology, co-extracting essential oils and blending them to magnify their potency. This proprietary blend of ten rare plants has been enhanced for optimum response and benefit, delivered with a sensational flavor

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