Friday, March 21, 2008

Day 8 Master Cleanse

What do you know? It's Day 8! I've been on the Master Cleanse program for more than one week already!
Do I feel hungry? NO!
Do I feel tired? At times, when it's bedtime. : )
Do I feel grumpy? NO!

Why would you want to go through the Master Cleanse program?

The following internal master cleansing protocol (as provided by Stanley Burroughs) has been used most effectively by thousands of individuals wishing to rid their bodies of dangerous and even lethal toxins.

Individuals may find it most advantageous to pursue this cleanse followed by subsequent cleanses every 4 to 6 months.

Cleansing is basic for elimination of every kind of disease. As we eliminate and correct one disease, we correct them all, for every disease is corrected by the same process of cleansing and building positive good health.

At last the basic cause of disease is no longer a mystery. The basic cause is the habits of improper diet, inadequate exercise, negative mental attitudes, and lack of spiritual attunement, which combine to produce toxic conditions and malfunction of our bodies. The elimination of the cause of illness is the obvious and only way to healing and health. The elimination of the habits that cause illness is done through the positive approach of developing proper habits that cause health combined with corrective techniques that remove the ill effects of our former incorrect ways.

Disease, old age, and death are the result of accumulated poisons and congestion throughout the entire body. These toxins become crystallized and hardened, settling around the joints, in the muscles, and throughout the billions of cells all over the body.

Basically, ourselves create all of our diseases because we have never taken the time to discover the true foods meant for man’s use. We can create healthy bodies by using the right foods and eliminating highly toxic and mucus-forming foods.

As you learn more about nutrition you will become aware of the many foods that cause excess mucus in our bodies and then realize that this condition becomes the breeding ground for all kinds of germs.

We know that throughout nature everything moves in cycles, constantly changing, constantly cleaning out the old and building the new. Consequently, as a person reaches the “point of no return,” a point where his accumulations have reached the limit of what the body can tolerate, then a rapid change takes place or he dies. The cycle has come to the point where a good house cleaning must be started, and one of nature’s most effective methods is to start loosening and eliminating these poisons with bacteria action. As this action progresses, we become sick and feverish, large amounts of mucus are eliminated, diarrhea increases the discharge of waste material, and all of our resources go into action to clean us out as fast as possible to prevent these poisons from killing us. When this happens do not panic and resort to the unnatural action of drugs and antibiotics, which can only defeat natures laws. The drugs stop the natural changes by suppressing the cleansing action and store the poisons in the body to cause future problems.

If we know these danger signals and engage our abilities in their maximum effort, we can survive the ordeal and live a normal life until further accumulations trigger another life change. However, the logical procedure is to prevent these accumulations from forming in the first place— then we have no need for the discomfort of the severe cleansing process.

As the above conditions happen to more and more people at the same time an “epidemic” is set in motion. Very often an epidemic occurs after holiday feasting. Even the very best of foods in excess can create problems.

Deficiencies do exist, primarily because of improper diet and improper assimilation. These deficiencies also produce toxins because of the deterioration of the cells. So we still have only one disease, and with one simple process we can eliminate all so-called diseases of whatever name.

As we expel the disease producing toxins from our bodies, we must also restore the deficiencies. Thus, a cleansing diet must also include proper material for building as the waste material is eliminated. There is still one more factor involved to make the total process completely understandable. Since germs do not cause our disorders, there must be another logical reason for the triggering of an epidemic.

This is a matter of simple “vibration.” The better the physical and mental condition a person is in, the higher becomes his vibration, but as he steadily becomes clogged with more and more waste matter, his vibration goes constantly downward until he is ready and in need of a change. If he then comes in contact with one or more who have already started the cleansing process, he picks up the vibration of change and all his functions are triggered into the same action. This can happen to any size group of people in similar condition and then an epidemic is on its way. The person with a toxic free body and undisturbed mind is the one unaffected by the epidemic.

Did the salt water wash in the morning as usual. And as usual, the runs to the toilet followed soon after. Fortunately that stopped in time for me to go out to get some errands done. Didn't forget to bring along my lemonade drink with me to have when I feel hungry/thirsty.

Made a trip to the supermarket to get more lemons and limes. At the same time, bought some oranges to standby for the immediate days following the cleansing program. During those days, need to drink orange juice as the orange juice prepares the digestive system to properly digest and assimilate regular food.

Finished the day with the laxative tea and the usual Tunguska Blast.

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