Saturday, March 22, 2008

Day 9 Master Cleanse

Hip hip hooray! What do you know? It's Day 9 today! One more day left of the Master Cleanse program. Can't help feeling great at having almost completed the challenge of what at first seemed impossible. I look forward to breaking the cleanse on Monday and eating solid food by middle of the week.

As usual, made two visits to the porcelain throne at night. Continued with the salt water wash this morning and again had some healthy elimination.

Today, took my Vital PSP+, a remarkable whole food supplement, which I had not taken since I started the cleansing program. If you are searching for an extraordinary and innovative product that may improve your overall health, your search is over. All-natural Vital PSP+ ®is a genuine breakthrough. With specially hydrolyzed PolySaccharidePeptides, Vital PSP+ ® may help improve digestion, clear out toxins, and normalize blood sugar. It's easy to take: Just dissolve one teaspoon in warm liquid and drink.

Carried on with the lemonade drink throughout the day. Continued belching which has been the standard since Day 1. As usual ended off with the laxative tea as well as the Tunguska Blast.

Can't wait for tomorrow. In fact, while shopping recently for the past few days, have been eyeing all the fresh fruits in the supermarket. They look so inviting and tempting. Seems that my body seems to know that they are good for me. Also starting to look for natural & healthy foods in order to adopt and maintain healthy eating habits after coming off the cleanse. Canned foods are out. Just think of something that was once alive and can last on the shelf for a year. Hmmm.... That should start you thinking. Fresh foods are the obvious choice, failing which comes frozen food.

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