Sunday, March 23, 2008

Day 10 Master Cleanse

Yahoo!!!!! Today is the 10th day of the Master Cleanse program. And since I am on a 10 day program, today is thus my last day on the program. Have been smelling lots of food recently and they all smell good. Although I am not hungry, but the smells just have a way of getting me thinking of food.

I must say that I am extremely proud of myself for having the willpower to go through the full 10 days of this Master Cleanse program, also commonly known as the Lemonade Diet. This program has been around for the past 50 years and has helped many people to detoxify and clean their body. Once you are able to clear your body of the build up of toxins, you will be able to enjoy better health in general.

Although the Lemonade Diet, a detoxification diet, is not meant to be for weight loss, I am glad to say that I have managed to donate 3kg to the Universe. Had a meeting with some friends at MacDonalds in the afternoon. They had McSpicy Chicken and chocolate fudge sundae. Ummmm... The chocolate fudge sundae looked so yummy. Almost wanted to steal a bite but managed to resist the temptation. Went to the supermarket as well to get more oranges to tide me for the next 2 days at least. Immediately after coming off the lemonade diet, it is wise to continue drinking the lemonade drink as well as orange juice and lots of water. The orange juice is to get the body adjusted to digesting regular food again. Besides oranges, also bought a variety of vegetables to prepare the vegetable soup on Day 2 of the Post Cleanse period.

Can't wait to get off the Lemonade Diet and start on solid foods again. It really wasn't that bad over the past 10 days. The only difficult part for me was to drink the salt water wash. At times, it was difficult to gulp down the full 25 - 35 ozs of the salt water wash at one go. My stomach was bloated and that is also when I start belching even more.

OK, so for last night, again made 2 trips to the bathroom. Woke up and reluctantly consumed the salt water wash, after which as usual, made a few trips to the porcelain throne. Continued with the lemonade drink throughout the day and ended off with the laxative tea, Tunguska Blast and the Vital PSP+ ® which I had forgotten to take in the morning.

Felt quite energetic today. Not sure if it was the psychological aspect that this is going to be the last day on the diet which gave me the extra energy. However, yesterday was also the same. In fact, yesterday I managed to spend a few hours putting all my photos on my last trip to Australia in Feb 2007, more than one year already, into a proper photo album with descriptions as well. So relieved to have got this task out of the way finally! In fact, was worried that I would never get round to getting this done. This is truly an achievement for me!


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