Sunday, March 16, 2008

Day 3 Master Cleanse

Woke up twice during the night to sit on the porcelain throne. No disasters there...

Consumed the salt water flush in the morning & had to run to the porcelain throne a minimum of six times within the next two hours. Well, at least that is an improvement of almost 50% over yesterday.

Had a cup of peppermint tea today. Took it 'neat' and it was a delightful change. The peppermint tea may be used occasionally during this diet as a pleasant change and to assist further in the cleansing. Its chlorophyll helps as a purifier, neutralizing many mouth and body odors that are released during the cleansing period

Went out for the official opening of Beauty Hope, an outlet providing facial & massage. There was food provided but somehow I did not have the yearning to eat. Hmmm... That's a change from before. Enjoyed a complimentary eye treatment before going to purchase ink cartridge for the printer. Later in the evening, had to go out and get more lemons & limes. No tiredness or dizzy feeling as has been described by some people after taking the lemonade diet.

Again took my daily dose of Tunguska Blast which has helped myself and many of my partners not only improve our immune system but give us more energy, reduce our stress level as well as give us better quality sleep. Consumed the laxative tea before bed as required.

Not too bad for Day 3. Thought that today would be most difficult as the body would have gone for 2 - 3 days without solid food and that it would be craving for such. Fortunately, the day went on without a hitch. Seems like I've almost reached 1/3 of the cleansing program. Can't wait to see the benefits of the cleansing program take place.

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